Pike High School – The Full Report

Pike Township Schools has their entire High School and Freshman Center under one roof. This facility uses 140,000 SF of terrazzo tiles, cement terrazzo, and epoxy terrazzo for all of their entries and interior halls. Throughout the years, Pike High School has made wise decisions by using terrazzo, the lowest life cycle cost floor that existed, for these applications.

Kroger Tile and Grout Restoration

Kroger is a national Supermarket chain in the Unites States. Red brick quarry tile is installed in the entrance of some of their Supermarkets. They soon found out what many other who have tile and grout installed know, it’s extremely difficult to keep clean.

Clark Memorial Hospital

Clark Memorial Hospital is located in Indiana near the Kentucky border. When approached with MicroGuard® they were hesitant to try it, not because they didn’t need tile and grout solutions, but because they heard the same story before and never saw lasting results.