Pike Township Terrazzo and Tile Restoration Project

Pike Township Schools has their entire High School and Freshman Center under one roof. This facility uses 140,000 SF of terrazzo tiles, cement terrazzo, and epoxy terrazzo for all of their entries and interior halls. Throughout the years, Pike High School has made wise decisions by using terrazzo, the lowest life cycle cost floor that existed, for these applications. Most of that time the floors were maintained very well using sealers or wax as the finish. Other finishes have been used over time but due to a lack of understanding regarding these finishes the entire facility reverted back to sealer.

PikeHS1The average cost of maintaining wax coatings is $1.50 per foot annually. Also, with a sealed finish, repairs that effect integrity are neglected because they are covered in wax. When we met with Mr. Rivas, Facilities Director, he already understood that there was a better method to maintain the terrazzo but had not yet experienced a finish that offered the balance of a better look while reducing the current budget.

We requested that Mr. Rivas allow us to perform 3 large mock ups to show what we could do in damaged or high traffic areas. These mock ups were done in 3 different locations on 3 different types of terrazzo. Repairs were made first, followed by restoring the surface to be prepped for the appropriate finishes.

PikeHS-048-747x500Sealer was used under rugs in entries where wet salt deteriorates the calcium based terrazzo, while most of the floor was finished with our version of vitrification called BRILLIANTSparkle2.

BRILLIANTSparkle2 is our patented process of vitrification that gives the floor that super sharp shine but is much more durable than other types. Since starting in spring of 2010, we have repaired, restored, and finished 60,000 SF of their floors to this finish. We have also maintained these areas as we continue to move forward.

The cost has been averaging .50 cents per foot per year for the maintenance. It always looks great because we address each area 2-3 times annually depending on the wear. It is our knowledge of what needs to be done along with what does NOT that keeps the cost so low and the floors looking spectacular.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]

A Letter From Facility Director, Mr. Rivas:

I am extremely satisfied with the work that Young Final Finish, LLC has performed at the High School. The brilliance of the floors gives the staff and students the feeling that they are working in a professional environment. This sharp image in our facility show that we care about the goals of education that are being accomplished here.

Our parents and especially visitors compliment us regularly on the floors looks. Often expressing a desire for their floors to look the same.

PikeHS-011-747x500The cost to maintain the terrazzo with the new finish has been in line with the savings promoted by Young Final Finish. They  have worked within our budget by first mapping out an estimated cost for the entire project; and then working with the funds that we have made available.

Young Final Finish has definitely proven their skill and knowledge in regards to terrazzo. All of the patching/repairs that thy have preformed remain unnoticed! Their workers were courteous, professional, and are sure to communicate with our staff in regards to scheduling.

I would be willing to speak, personally, to anyone who is interested in hearing more about our experience with Young Final Finish and the work that they have done for us.


Mr. Rivas
Facility Director, Pike Township Schools