Terrazzo Floor Repair at Warren Central

warren cafeteriaYoung Final Finish, LLC was contacted by Warren Central High School to work on some Terrazzo Floor Repair in their cafeteria.  After meeting with them, David learned the school was looking into trying to match the terrazzo floor with the existing yellow color.  Matching terrazzo colors that have been exposed to various elements over many years is difficult to match, however because we were focusing around the columns for this project we thought that accenting the existing terrazzo with a black color was the best solution.

matching yellow terrazzo

We started off the project assuming we were going to removed terrazzo that was hidden by the drywall around the columns, but upon arrival that was not the case, so we had a great beginning to the project.

The Terrazzo Floor Repair Process

measuring for Terrazzo Floor RepairFirst we had to trim the existing terrazzo around the columns to ensure straight and even lines that matched each column.

Next, we filled the holes with a base for a stable foundation before we poured the new terrazzo.  Once the holes were filled and had time to cure, we moved onto the next step of adding the seems to separate the old terrazzo floor from the new one.

Now we’re able to move onto the final steps in the terrazzo process.  We poured the new black terrazzo floor, filled in the gaps with an epoxy, and finally we were able to grind off the access giving the floor a nice smooth and level feel.

black Terrazzo Floor Repair not polishedAs you can see in the pictures and in the video, the black terrazzo accent around the columns to compliment the existing yellow floor looked great.

The Terrazzo Floor Repair project was a complete success and the customer couldn’t be more pleased.

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