Professional Concrete Staining and Coating

Recently, a liquor store in Greensburg, Indiana contacted Young Final Finish, LLC to restore their concrete floor and apply some light concrete staining and coating to protect the floor. With over 20 years in the industry, the store knew we were the company for their concrete floor restoration project.

before pic - concrete staining and polishing greensburg indiana 800pxConcrete Floor Cleaning

Obviously before we could apply any stain or coating to their floor, we had to do a thorough concrete floor cleaning and make any repairs to the concrete that needed attention.

As you can see in the pictures, the concrete floor underneath the carpet needed work.  There was also a green stain that we were able to remove at the beginning of the project.

Also, in many cases you will find cracks in the floor, so before we can apply any polish or stain or coating, some concrete repair needs to take place.

Staining Concrete

results pic - concrete staining and coating greensburg indiana 800pxOnce all the repairs to the concrete have been addressed, now we can apply the stain the customer wishes to install.

Because we’re in the hard surface floor restoration business, we have great variety of concrete stain our customers can choose from if they don’t want to simply polish and coat the raw concrete surface.

Applying the concrete stain is pretty straight forward. We’ve perfected our process and work to apply perfect and even coats of the concrete stain before any coating to ensure a superior finished look.

Polished Concrete Floors

To clarify, there is a bit of a difference between polishing and coating but we called it “concrete polishing” in this post because that’s what many first think of when they see a nice and shiny concrete floor which is more than likely a protective coating.

In order for a concrete floor to withstand all the foot traffic and years of abuse, the concrete needs a coating to protect the floor as well as give it that shine they’re looking to achieve. After our coating process is done, the coating is nice an shiny giving it that polished look.

halfway done pic - concrete staining and coating greensburg indiana 800pxConcrete Floor Solutions

To learn more about our concrete floor polishing, coating, restoration – visit our EXTREME Concrete Coating information page as well as our Hard Surface Cleaning page to get a better understanding of our process and how Young Final Finish can help with your concrete floor.

You can also simply contact us directly through email or calling (317) 418-9045 and we will be happy to answer your questions!