Our Historical Marble Restoration Project
JMS South Bend

Since 1910, the JMS Building in downtown South Bend has been a beacon of the area.  With its beautiful architecture and unique pink marble tile, over the years the wear and tear has taken its toll.  The historic building built by John Studabaker, installed beautiful Pink Tennessee marble tiles for their floors and risers in a 16 inch by 8 inch subway pattern. But over the last 100 years, you can imagine the wear and tear the marble floors took in this building.

A renovation began taking place to bring this beautiful building back to life. Recently, the building was approved to be a multi-use building with condos and office space already planned.  By the time we had begun our work on the marble restoration, some of the condos were already sold.

In their search for possible contractors to help them with the restoration process, they came upon Young Final Finish, LLC. The project managers had contacted us, they were looking for bids.  One of the policies of Young Final Finish, LLC is that we do not bid on projects.

How YFF Became the Marble Restoration Contractor

Our prices are fair and our work is exceptional. You will not find another contractor that can do what YFF can do, literally. We have patented processes, so therefore, you literally cannot get from another floor restoration contractor what we can do unless they buy a license from David Young. And it’s those unique processes the produce outstanding results in addition to our integrity as a company is what keeps our customers coming back for their routine maintenance as well.

With that in mind, when the project managers contacted YFF for their project, we declined the work because they wanted us to bid on the marble restoration.

A couple weeks later, after speaking with other contractors, the project managers called us back.

After reviewing bids and portfolios of various contractors, they decided that the project required a high level of experience and knowledge of marble restoration.  They decided Young Final Finish, LLC had the skills and experience this project required and even though we did not bid, they wanted us to do the work. We agreed to the terms and got right to work.

The Marble Restoration Project Summary

Upon arrive, as stated at the beginning, the marble floor was in need of a lot of repairs. We also couldn’t believe that decades ago, someone decided to lay carpet on a lot of this beautiful marble tile.

After we removed much of the carpet, we began doing some test spots. Some of the tile had dips, scratches and chips. Some of the marble was warped, especially on the marble stairs.  The marble walls had seen a lot of damage from adhesives, layers of old wax, dings, chips, and the like.  We had to remove wax on the floors and walls that was incredibly old and no one had any idea the last time this marble was restored. Our guess was that the marble was never restored. We had to cut through a lot of wax with layers of dirt and grim on top that fell through the carpet fibers over the years. As we stated earlier, the building was opened in 1910, so after 100 years of use, damage is inevitable.

During our restoration process we hewed down the wear with our diamond abrasive and re-leveled many areas of the floors and stairs.  Once the floors were where we wanted them, we finished it off with a high polish to bring back that beautiful Tennessee Pink Marble to the look and sparkle as the day it was first installed.

The marble restoration project in South Bend took us a few weeks to complete. Since it was a construction area there were times we had to wait to get into an area before we could work, so the project ended up being completed in various stages. But the finished project turned out successful.

The experience and skill of the YFF Team produced a great product and our customers couldn’t be happier with the results.

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If you’re looking for a company for your marble restoration project in Indianapolis or even up in South Bend (like the JMS Building), consider Young Final Finish, LLC. We love what we do and we love serving our customers to the best of our ability. There is a reason our motto is “Transforming Floors, Saving You Money.” It’s what we do and how we do business.

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