Irwin Library at Butler University

The story…

Irwin Library

Over the Christmas break, restoring the single set of stairs that climbs from a lower level all the way to the 3rd floor has been our latest renovation project at the library. That totals 6 sections of stairs with 3 landings. We used our Brilliant terrazzo process for this job.

We started renovations 5 years ago with our Defense tile and grout process in the original restrooms. That was some hard work!

In 2017, we restored the fountain that we maintain annually to keep hardwater buildup out of.

In 2018, it was all of the pillars.

In 2019, we restored the terrazzo on the main 1st floor, also repairing all of the walk off edges with new zinc strips and stainless bands to keep damage from taking place again.

2020 was the year of the Stairs at this historic library.

Did you know that the architect of this building was also the architect of the Twin Towers in New York?

Minoru Yamasaki was the lead architect and constructed the library in the style of New Formalism.

It opened in September 1963.

The style of these buildings was very similar.

Also, that this library was named after J. Irwin Miller. The nephew of the founder of Cummins Engines, who led Cummins to be a global company.

The Irwin Library is at the center of the beautiful historic Butler campus if you get a chance to see it. We really enjoy working with the kind staff overseeing this facility.