The Lustron House

Bloomington Residence

January 2021

This project used our SEALED concrete services.

Here is the story…

Monica called me in late November to see if we could turn this old stained up concrete into a modern looking floor.

She is working with her mother, also Monica, to get this house up to date on the interior so that they can move in and work on the rest of the property.

This house is a Lustron House. These houses were built without wood, with enameled metal ready to stand the test of time inside and out. The concept was developed for post war (World War II) affordable homes but did not catch on and the Company closed in 1950.

We thought it was a privilege to work in this time capsule. This home in Bloomington, that we worked at, is the off white color as you can see from the picture we took of this article at the house.

The Ugly ledge.

Hard to tell what the original thought was with this ledge you can see in the pictures. This job was the same straightforward hard work that most of our jobs are except for this crazy ledge that stuck up around the inside border of the home.

We tried to work with it at the start and found out very quickly that this ledge needed to go.

We demoed out the ledge, cleaned out and filled the void with a color matching epoxy fill mix that we use, and then ground it to the same height as the floor. Much better!

Staining from the old tile.

The owner, Monica, and her daughter, Monica, the acting designer of the project, embraced the staining from where the old vinyl tile was for 70 years. As much grinding as we did, these lines were here to stay. We prefer character in these old floors ourselves, but that is an owners call in the end to appreciate it.

Everyone was pleased with how it all turned out. The concrete is now the only floor surface in this house.

We enjoyed the work, and we were also grateful to serve these kind people in my personal favorite little getaway place of Bloomington Indiana.