Woodrow Wilson Middle School

Spring/Summer 2020

Woodrow Wilson Middle School started out as a high school and was built in 1926 in Terre Haute for the Vigo County school system. It’s gothic style and top of the line build at that time, showed the cities success in this era. It is a center piece of the neighborhood and a historical treasure to the people of Terre Haute.

With that in mind, when we were asked to help restore the building for its upcoming 100 year anniversary we wanted to preserve all of the original terrazzo that we could in the main hallways. The halls had been covered in carpet since 1983 and this carpet even rolled up the walls 8 inches. We did not know what we would find. What we did find was a very stained up and damaged terrazzo with some original cove terrazzo base on about half of the perimeter. We were able to remove most of the surface damage and staining from the floor And base by grinding, filling in small patches, and polishing. This is our Brilliant terrazzo system.

Some places, where old water fountains used to be we placed new terrazzo in with a accent color of gray that had been used on stairs originally. The floors other two main colors were a light off white field and a charcoal border that was also used for the base rolling up the walls. We also used the gray color to install some new sections of terrazzo where old footers for the building used to be before additions were added. These sections are floating on a half inch of sand to keep telescoping cracking from coming through. This was done to allow us to grind and polish the old concrete and newer concrete out getting rid of even more carpet. This is our SEALED concrete program. We sealed this hall with a very durable concrete coating made to stand up to a lot of traffic. Using our Defense tile and grout process we restored three large student restrooms so far.

The Stainless Steel work.

All of the stainless steel work that was used in doorways, edges of floors, and the most challenging of all, above all of the vinyl and original cove base was performed by us as well. We needed to come up with a plan to pull the vinyl base and the terrazzo base together. With the school mascot being a Knight in shining armor this turned out to be the unanimous decision over wood or another method.

We have completed about 50% of this project so far and will start back again in 2021 to continue. This time knowing what we will find when we pull that old smelly carpet up, and already having a plan to address it!


I just wanted to pass along a conversation with Dr. Haworth (Superintendent). Unsolicited, he mentioned how pleases he was with how Woodrow Wilson Middle School turned out with the Terrazzo and polished concrete. Thought you would want to know.