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Our Terrazzo and Marble Floor Maintenance Program

Based out of Indianapolis, David Young owner and founder of Young Final Finish, LLC and his team specialize in Terrazzo and Marble Floor Maintenance not just in Indy, but all around Indiana, including: Chicago, Louisville, Evansville, South Bend, and Fort Wayne. Our experience, craftsmanship and love for serving our customers with quality and fair pricing keep them coming back. At Young Final Finish, LLC we are “Transforming Floors, Saving You Money.”

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Save Money on Your Maintenance Program

When you chose YFF for your terrazzo floor or marble maintenance program, you will receive a custom maintenance routine based on your high traffic areas, budget, type of flooring, and overall needs.

With Young Final Finish, LLC you will receive our BRILLIANT Finishing System that is guaranteed cut down on your marble and terrazzo maintenance costs and our customers can verify those savings.

“Through Young Final Finishes’ BRILLIANT process we have been able to greatly reduce our yearly terrazzo floor maintenance fees by over fifty percent.”

– Jessica L. Jordan – NCAA National Office (Indianapolis, IN)

Looking For Terrazzo or Marble Maintenance?

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“Transforming Floors, Saving You Money.”

What Is Our BRILLIANT Finishing Process?

Young Final Finish, LLC exclusively offers the BRILLIANT Terrazzo Finishing Process (Patent US 8,257,145 B2). Because we have a Patent on our process, you can only get this type of floor finishing from Young Final Finish, LLC.

Our particular vitrification process creates the highest density surface possible, which equals less frequent terrazzo maintenance. As much as fifty percent can be saved by using our BRILLIANT process over other vitrification. Young Final Finish, LLC has the experience in determining which finishes are the best for the application which is based on the amount and type of foot traffic in these areas.

Our vitrification process is designed to create that peak density flooring as much as possible and guarantees reduced terrazzo maintenance costs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

How to Contact YFF about Terrazzo Maintenance

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The Benefits of Terrazzo Floors for Maintenance

Terrazzo is known to be a great flooring of choice for cost and areas where there is heavy traffic most of the time. Terrazzo floors come with the sturdiness of marble and the power of concrete blended to a smooth surface. Those marble chips which are combined in the cement flooring are extremely decorative and affordable. Aside from that, they can actually last for a long time provided that they are maintained regularly and should be treated as marble floors under a routine maintenance program.

terrazzo floor polishing and maintenanceCompared to some other forms of flooring, Terrazzo floors provide functionality and strength while offering that 100% attractive look. Provided regular maintenance is given, the floor will last decades to come and still provide that polished look, the same look it had the day it was installed. Considering that Terrazzo floors are non-porous, it makes cleaning & restoration simply and fast. Although cracks and chips may take place after years of extensive use, polishing, grinding and buffing could make the floor appear new through the years.

Terrazzo has been a very eco-friendly flooring choice which was manufactured with sturdy & earthly materials. It means that a few of the materials used in constructing this kind of flooring could be made with reusable substances over the man-made ones. This will be an advantage for companies that promote waste reduction. Since Terrazzo is a post-consumer product, it is as well making the materials more affordable but elegant.

General marble floor or terrazzo maintenance usually consists of either a coating or a vitrified finish that gives it that high polished look. Although, Terrazzo Flooring is very simple to maintain, you still have to locate the right company to do the work. Here at Young Final Finish LLC, our BRILLIANT Finishing Process leaves the floor restored and sealed for that brilliant shine that you will truly love.

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“Transforming Floors, Saving You Money.”

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